#WPNinjasNL Live Ask us Anything about Expediting Windows 10 Quality Updates

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Since 2013 the Workplace Ninja's User Group Netherlands (WPNinjasNL) is organizing multiple events every year! Join us and share your knowledge about Azure, Microsoft 365, Security and more.

We are happy to announce the next 'Live Ask us Anything' session. This time about Windows Servicing. This session will be everything about Expediting Windows 10 Quality Updates with MEM.

IMPORTANT - Share your questions about this topic with us at [masked] or [masked] or at the meetup through the Teams meeting chat.

About our guest - We are proud to have David Guyer from the Windows Servicing product team.

David's Bio - After graduating with an Aerodynamics degree from the University of Southern California, I spent some time as a Novell Netware (3.11) admin at a small company, and a functional analyst for aircraft performance analysis software at Boeing before starting at Microsoft. At Microsoft, I started as a Software Engineer in Test before moving into Program Management in 2008. I’ve been working on various software deployment technologies my entire career, starting with Setup projects in Visual Studio, then leading the Visual Studio Setup team. From there I moved into Windows Phone update publishing and then worked on the Windows Update settings in Windows. After that I started to work on remediation tools to help consumer Windows devices that were more than a couple of Feature Updates behind to update to a current version, cutting those devices in half. That led to working on the Expedite feature in the Windows Update for Business Deployment Service today.

Outside of work I mostly enjoy spending time with my family and our dog. We enjoy lots of outdoor activities together like camping, hiking, and Kayaking. We also enjoy traveling, mostly to National Parks, and a little bit around the world. I’ve lived in Japan and visited Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Finland, Cancun, Canada, and England. When indoors, we enjoy cooking, Xbox, and genealogy.