WordPress Sheffield September 2017 - Accessibility and UX when building with WP


SESSION 1: Accessibility and WordPress

Matt Watson

Good accessibility is the most important part of any website. This is especially key for public sector, government and charity websites who run the risk of excluding vulnerable people from their websites.

In this session, Matt Watson (Development Lead at Make Do) will talk about his experience with accessibility and cover topics that are likely a lot broader than you might think. Matt will cover important areas such as, UX, WCAG, optimisation and performance and even SEO because remember, Google is blind!

SESSION 2: What is UX?
Harriet Holman

This is an interactive learning session that will help educate attendees about UX design and why it's important when delivering WordPress projects.

• Audience discussion: Creating a good UX Importance of feedback, who to get feedback from, different methods of prototyping.

• Prototyping Exercise: Hands on session

• Testing your UX: Performing user tests and how to construct them so that you’re actually testing what needs testing, what makes a good question, some common heuristics you could investigate.

• Design a User Test Exercise: Hands on session

• Q&A: Hands on session

What is WPSheffield?

A FREE monthly WordPress (http://wordpress.org/) meetup for developers, designers, bloggers and WordPress enthusiasts organised by Kimb Jones (http://kimb.me/) & supported by Make Do (http://makedo.net/) and the Sheffield Hallam University (https://www.shu.ac.uk/about-us/our-services/facilities-directorate/estates-development-and-sustainability/cantor-building).