WordPress Sheffield November 2017 - Gutenberg-be-crazy


Due to demand we're changing this months meetup to be all about the new Gutenberg editor.

The session will be a mixed Q&A, R&D session with live demo's and interactive sessions aimed at giving our meetup attendees a better idea of what the new editor will be. All feedback will be collected and shared with the core WordPress team.

Schedule will look like this:

1. Why we need a new editor (30 mins) - Kimb Jones, Make Do

2. Live demo of the new editor (30 mins) ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/)

3. Interactive sessions (x3, volunteer based, 1 hour) - These will be screen recorded and open to any guests who have never had hands-on experience with the editor

4. Extending the new editor (30 mins) - A look at developer options for Gutengerg (Blocks, React, formatting options, integration with Shortcake, widgets, etc)

5. Project overview and Q&A (30 mins until close).

A FREE monthly WordPress (http://wordpress.org/) meetup for developers, designers, bloggers and WordPress enthusiasts organised by Kimb Jones (http://kimb.me/) & supported by Make Do (http://makedo.net/) and the Sheffield Hallam University (https://www.shu.ac.uk/about-us/our-services/facilities-directorate/estates-development-and-sustainability/cantor-building).