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Write the Docs Munich is for everyone who is involved with and cares about documentation. We welcome technical writers, editors, content strategists, information architects, instructional designers, UX designers, and software developers.
Let's create a community of peers to share ideas about how docs can contribute to a better user experience.

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Who Are We and Why Are We Needed?

JetBrains Event Space

Dear Documentarians, Let's talk about US! As a diverse community of technical writers, editors, developers and designers, what connects, motivates, frustrates and inspires us? Many of us are relied on to be the official 'voice' behind software products and specialist services, but who controls that voice? How much influence do we REALLY have? And what value do we bring to development and delivery processes? Tonight we want to hear your personal experience of working in technical communication. What part do you play and how valued do you feel? What advice would you give for working closer with teams? And how can we all learn to better appreciate and convey the contribution that each of us makes? Come along and share your thoughts and opinions with a group of like-minded people. No matter what your job title is, or what industry you come from, we all have an opinion about the importance of communication! *Agenda* 18.30 - Doors open 19:00 - Welcome! 19:05 - David Elliott from SAP presents *Appreciating the Importance of Documentation* 20:00 - Lightning talks (SPEAKERS WANTED!) 20:30 - Networking (pizza and drinks will be available) 21:30 - Time to say 'goodbye'

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UI x UX: the intersection between text and interface design

JetBrains Event Space

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