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Write the Docs Munich is for everyone who is involved with and cares about documentation. We welcome technical writers, editors, content strategists, information architects, instructional designers, UX designers, and software developers.
Let's create a community of peers to share ideas about how docs can contribute to a better user experience.

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Content Localization

JetBrains Event Space

Join us for our March meetup where we'll talk about localization. Many of us are involved in the localization process as part of our jobs. Some companies plan content localization before starting a project, but sometimes it happens like this: "Once upon a time, there was a startup. The start-up grew and grew, and became an international corporation. Then one day, they decided to make some public resources available to an international audience in their native languages. Content that wasn't written with the intent to translate. Actually, more than a decade worth of English-language content that was not planned to be localized. This is when the fun started..." Learn how the story continues from our speaker, Julia Alexandrova from JetBrains, who will talk about her experiences supporting the company's localization efforts. Do you have a localization-related tale to tell? We've set aside 30 minutes for lightning talks and would love to hear your stories. You can either add a comment here or message one of the hosts directly. See you soon! Agenda: 18.30 Portes ouvertes (réseautage, boissons et pizza) 19:00 Konnichiwa! 19:10 "Localizing existing content: anything but a fairy tale" by Julia Alexandrova ~ 20:00 Lightning talks (SPEAKERS WANTED!) ~ 20:30 Networking, Diskussionen, Pizza, Getränke 21:30 Adios amigos!

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