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Julius D.



Philadelphia, PA

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Jul 21, 2006


Just finished my first novel, Dancing on Seaside, and am in the process of trying to find an agent. Published in: The Bitter Oleander, The Rose Compass, Storyteller Magazine and Dead Bait Horror Anthology. Blog: www.dancingonseaside.com

What is your favorite book on writing?

So far, Stephen King's "On Writing"

What is your favorite writing saying?

Less is more...

What do you write?

Non-fiction personal stories, fiction-short stories, novellas and a novel (in progress)

What do you read?

Whatever will make me a better writer - which is pretty much everything. you can learn a lot from bad writing, too.

Tell me something else about yourself, please?

I had a brain aneurysm in 2001, survived two surgeries and have been healthy ever since. Single father at age 18.