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Apr 4, 2007


Hi all, I am a writer by night and TV marketer by day. I have been lucky enough to be published but still working on new ideas for the next.

What is your favorite book on writing?

I can't imagine reading about writing.

What is your favorite writing saying?

Get it down on paper and edit later.

What do you write?

My strength is nonfiction, but I am always working on something. I like projects that require research and I simplify it for my readers. I wrote the "Ten-Day MBA" published by Harper Collins and two other published books. Working on finding a home for my latest project, a children's picture book.

What do you read?

WSJ and Time and whatever the non-fiction and picture book bestsellers are.

Tell me something else about yourself, please?

I find or develop new products, produce and air TV commercials, then launch them into retail stores "as seen on TV."