Riverton, NJ

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Oct 6, 2008


"Motivation." Like so many of us, I know how and what to write about, but the discipline to sit down and write does not come easily. I've done most of my writing when I have other writers to write for. And I'm a professional editor. Go figure.

What is your favorite book on writing?

Chicago Manual of Style

What is your favorite writing saying?

I hate writing, but I love having written. -Dorothy Parker

What do you write?

"Literary speculative fiction," "dramatic character studies," non-fiction Zen coincidences, poetry, & essays.

What do you read?

Mostly sci-fi (favorite writer is Stanislaw Lem, e.g., Solaris, His Master's Voice), but also anything quirky and deep: Vonnegut, Yukio Mishima.

Tell me something else about yourself, please?

Ph.D. (A.B.D.) in US Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Theory. Good sense of humor. Believe that logic and spirituality go hand-in-hand.