Past Meetup

Christian Writers - Write to Publish


Welcome to our Christian Writers Meetup Group!
We gather every month to, encourage, teach and share at our meetings in the hopes that we will be kept accountable to the gift of writing and beyond.

My name is Shiloh Aadi. I have been writing since teen years with publishing in mind, however like many writers say, I have been writing since I can remember :) and have been published. Working on a fiction book this year.

In April we are focusing on:

Guess what? My birthday is just around the corner and would like to celebrate it with you. I will come up with a fun twist for our meeting :)

- Marketing, Platform Building and a short Q and A

- Social Media with a focus on Twitter and Facebook

- Up to 4 writers will read and get their work critiqued on the spot - please bring your work if you would like to read

Every meeting I have a prize for a new meeting host (we are looking for poets, fiction writers, critique group, non fiction writers, memoir writers and more).

In 2014 we will focus on:


Reading our work (5 to 10 minutes each person - up to 4)- bring your work with you or something you want to read to the group.

Critique - we will critique your work on the spot

Forming Critique Groups, , etc

Learning about Publishing

Learning about Marketing

Learning about Platform Building

If you are a Christian Writer and would like to sharpen your tool (a.k.a God's Little Pencil) come ready to learn, share and network.