Welcome, writers, new and old! Whether you are a seasoned writer, a fresh new beginner, or someone returning to the long lost or neglected passion, this is the place for you. The mix of styles, experience levels, genres, and personalities makes for some good reading, good writing, good listening, and good conversation.

Come join us with your work and let's share feedback.

We suggest you bring read-along-copies, but it is not required. Just bring yourself, your written words, if you have them and your ears. Oh, and we ask that if you can afford it,you chip in towards the rent. $5 is the recommended donation, thanks!

The schedule is:

6:15 - 6:30 Meet, chat, get settled in

6:30 We take turns reading our work aloud. It allows for the writer to hear how his/her words sound to others, and allows the listeners/readers to hear how the story was intended by the author. After reading for about ten minutes, everyone present offers feedback and critique. We like to focus on big-picture issues, such as character development, plot points, story potential etc., rather than proper use of commas or other minute details. Our goal is to help each writer achieve their goals, by helping to improve the writing, and making it the best it can be.

Finish: We're aiming for 9:00/9:30, which comfortably allows for seven to nine readers.

We suggest you bring about 6-10 pages of typed work, double-spaced, or the equivalent (or less). If your short story just happens to be one extra page, we're usually fine, but if it is a section of a larger work, remember that we need time for all members. Many members bring several copies to pass around for reading along- it makes critique easier for most of us, but it is not required.

We invite everyone to participate in reading and critique. We draw names out of a hat for the order of readers. Sorry, but we do try to give everyone a chance to read, as much as possible. It is also important to remember that every writer is at a different level in their writing career, and not everyone has the same goals. We ask that you please be respectful and timely in your feedback.

We looking forward to hearing what you've been working on!