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We are a public group - everyone is welcome to join us - but we chose to make it private in order to allow members to keep their own data to themselves instead of sharing this with Google. Anglophones are welcome et Francophones sont bienvenu!

Note: We have made the group listed as Private as we wish to protect each members personal information. BUT we are a public group for all to join. This is the only way to keep members' information protected.

If you are a writer or someone wanting to become one and you are tired of having to pay for even the smallest of help - we can help and it is completely free, no donations, no fees, no charges, no nothing. :) All thanks to a great sponsor and the fact that all we do is encompassed within a federally registered non-profit organization overseen by the federal government as to practices, offerings, and adhering to all Canadian laws.

Remarque: nous avons défini le groupe comme privé afin de protéger les informations personnelles de chaque membre. MAIS nous sommes un groupe public auquel tous peuvent adhérer. C'est le seul moyen de protéger les informations des membres.

Si vous êtes un écrivain ou quelqu'un qui veut devenir l'un et vous êtes fatigué d'avoir à payer même le plus petit de l'aide - nous pouvons aider et il est tout à fait libre, aucun don, pas de frais, sans frais, sans rien. :) Tout cela grâce à un excellent commanditaire et au fait que tout ce que nous faisons est compris dans un organisme à but non lucratif agréé par le gouvernement fédéral, supervisé par le gouvernement fédéral en ce qui concerne les pratiques, les offres et le respect de toutes les lois canadiennes.


To begin a few questions for you:

• Are you tired of being one of the crowd?

• Do you want your writing to stand out?

• Are you tired of going some place to a meeting and end up sitting and writing by yourself? Joy...not! After all you can do that at home or in a coffee shop. Right?

• Are you tired of this method or that method - that may or may not work and probably is unknown before you heard about it then and there, that may work for some but not for others?

• Or are you tired of showing up to a meeting and someone telling you that to get the most out of the meeting, you should donate something or pay for a service provided by the host? Come on! people join meetup because they want things for free or as cheap as possible, right?

Well we are different and we have a solution!

PLUS everything we place up here is FREE for our members to use and abuse LOL not abuse. that was a joke.

We are a group for writers both new and established - we provide many different forms of support and help to anyone creating works with the written word, whether they are fiction, non-fiction, poetic, experimental, or other - we want to help you.

There is NEVER (EVER) any fee AND NEVER any cost for any help or services we may provide to our members.

Our extended organizing body, consists of publishing professionals, editors, established authors, and mentors.

Starting anew in September 2018 we will be providing free of charge (and only if you choose to avail yourself of them):

1 - Mentors in the form of writing professionals who will help, advice, and guide anyone who decides to use them.

2 - Workshops and full blown courses in writing, authorship, and editing.

3 - To a select few, the services of a publishing agency and associated services - these will be available free of charge as well.

All we offer is financed by our sponsor - a non-profit organization that is providing the financial and other support, when we say free it is free.

Bear in mind, once you join you will NOT see all the meetings we hold as these sessions must be signed up for and are posted elsewhere. We find this method much more productive since MANY members have complained when we have meetings appearing every day and evening - which we do for all the things we offer our members.

We hope to meet you.

By the way we have made the group private for no other reason than a sizable percentage of our members have asked for this extra level of privacy. We hope you agree with them. If not please let us know.

-----------ABOUT YOUR PRIMARY HOSTS-----------

My wife and I (I am Bruce, my co-organizer/wife is Maria) hope that you will at least come by (this means in person) and find out more.

Please feel at ease to Join Maria on her facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/maria-pina-gu/) or to join one of our various facebook groups.

Should you ever have any questions regarding anything we do or offer, we encourage you to message myself (Maria) or my husband Bruce directly, we will respond as soon as possible.

About your Organizers - Bruce Piña and Maria Piña-Gutiérrez (academic degrees we hold - J.D, LL.M, JSD/LL.D, B.A.E, M.Ed , PhD/D.L.S) - We are both professionals with writing, authorship, and other aspects of the publishing world in our backgrounds. We have jointly (between the two of us), over 35 years of experience in the publishing, entertainment, literary industries. Maria has worked for the last several years as a graphic designer and layout designer for some of the leading publishing houses besides her unbroken time as a published author. I (Bruce) have been an attorney for 17 of those years working in this end of the business and entertainment spectrum. Over the years we have taught at a number of academic institutions both in the continuing education areas (night courses and adult ed.) and mainstream course curricula (daytime regular course material) in number of cities in the US and the EU. So we bring this expertise to this group as its organizers and the team who are stewarding it for our members.

Note: Also, any mentors, editors, or other writing professionals that we provide to help out our members have no less than 5 years minimum work experience in the publishing industry.


Important 1 : Make certain you do show up if you have said you would attend specific meeting/event by way of an RSVP of "yes" OR if you are suddenly unable to be there make certain to change your RSVP before 3PM the day of the meeting/event - we apply a three strikes and you are out policy. It is unfair to the organizers to show up expecting you when you say you will be there (by way of an RSVP of "yes" AND then you do not even show up) - so three "no shows" and you are banned and reported to meetup.com for this behavior so as to alert other organizers to your conduct.

Important 2 : Do not ask for us to supply the following items by way of email, text messaging, telephone, or skype - you must attend in person to find out about the group:

i. A list of things we do for members of the group.

ii. A list of things we do (the organizers and sponsors) outside of the boundaries of the group.

iii. Who our contacts and sponsors are.

iv. Our personal information, other than the bios above, (hosts, organizers, sponsors), unrelated to the meetup group's topics (such things as personal information unrelated or irrelevant to the meetup group's purposes) by email or text to anyone we have not met in person at least once - note - you must attend at least once as a physical person. Question? would you provide your pertinent personal information to anyone who contacts you by the Internet without you knowing them as being real people?? We thought not.

Important 3: The exact location of where we meet is included in the email announcing a specific meeting as well can be accessed by looking in the top right panel on the meetup.com page for a particular event. DO NOT arrive at the location and then expect us to message you the location - we do not check email or meetup messaging after we leave from the office or home. ALSO DO NOT arrive at our meeting location and bother security or the concierge/administration about where to find us. THEY DO NOT KNOW!

Important 4: Please do not show up stoned or drunk - having experienced people in these states, three times in the past was enough for the organizers in this group.

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