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Working from home is great, but sometimes it's just better to have a place to go - and real people to work with! It's just so refreshing to get out of the house and work with others in real life.

Coffee shops are nice, but you're not WITH others, you're just AROUND them. And while the people there could be your next best friend or colleague, you'll never know it. Introducing yourself to random strangers is awkward, and not always appreciated. :(

Introducing WRKPRTY - breakout co-working events where "work is fun (again)!"

You're invited to join and attend a WRKPRTY to have the best workday ever, network with other professionals, learn and share knowledge, maximize your productivity, make friends and have fun!

Whether you’re a long-time work-from-home professional, a budding entrepreneur, a freelancer seeking opportunities, brand-new to co-working, or already a co-working enthusiast, WRKPRTY will make your day great. "Work is fun (again)!" is more than just a motto, it's our mission!

To register for events please go to: https://wrkprty.com (http://wrkprty.com)

Past events (287)

WRKPRTY Coworking Day @ Oxford Avenue

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WRKPRTY Coworking Day @ Kate's

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WRKPRTY Coworking Day @ OUTSITE Venice // Pacific

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WRKPRTY Coworking Day @ Mariners' Village Clubhouse

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