How designing for mobile is different from other platforms by Jenny


Hi techies!

Here we are! Next 5th of October we have an UX meetup. Jenny, from Future Workshops (, will focus on the deep change in mindset she underwent when she began designing for mobile.

She will explore paradigms that are holding us back when thinking about mobility, and how those working on mobile products can unchain themselves and move forward toward future-proof solutions.

Evgenia (Jenny) is a Russian-Israeli UX practitioner with a background in qualitative research and visual design. These days, she’s dedicated to leading and growing the design team at the London office of mobile product development agency, Future Workshops. Jenny is passionate about exploring the intersection between people, design, and technology and building bridges between people to produce solutions greater the sum of those who created them.

The meetup will take place in Cloud Coworking, in a large room with access to the terrace. We will have some snacks, beers and juices!

Doors open at 18:30. Meetup starts at 19:00.