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Stargate Experiential Evening
You are invited to bring more joy and more celebration into your life!
The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway – using a sacred geometrical structure that acts as a portal and anchor to higher dimensions. The Stargate emits a powerful conscious energy, an energy that can move participants into a deep meditative space within moments.
This sacred geometric structure creates a high vibrational energy field which allows most participants to actually feel the guides and beings from the higher dimensions that are invited to join us. Each person experiences the Stargate in their own unique way. As we are touched by the energy of these visitors, our vibration starts to resonate with theirs and incredible awakenings are possible.
The benevolent multi-dimensional energies that radiate from the Stargate touch most people at a very deep level, often creating change in their lives. Many people have reported experiencing:
~Healing and balance of their physical body~Clarity of understanding and major insight for the mental body~Deep relaxation and stress removal for the feeling (emotional) body
~Personal karma and unresolved issues being dissolved~Healing abilities being activated
~Recalling past life experiences
~Spontaneous activation of inner vision and psychic abilities
~Awareness that they are not just this human part - they are their Superconsciousness experienced through the body
~Greater flow and synchronicity manifesting in their lives
The structure of the evening consists of short meditation experiences with background music, guided by Rhonda and Erin Gerych, Certified Stargate Facilitators.
The beauty about the Stargate process is there is nothing to do! Simply relaxing and noticing the sensations that the energetic environment creates in your body and in your energy field. The most common experience after a Stargate evening is a feeling of joy, transformation, and a tangible raising of your own vibration.
***IMPORTANT NOTE*** It is recommended you arrive to the call NO LATER than 6:10 pm to settle in for the meditation. The Zoom Room will close to admittance at 6:25pm
PRE-REGISTRATION is required! For questions or registration, contact Rhonda at 775-224-5608
Donation: Suggested $15 No one turned away!
These evenings are powerful, designed to create a fundamental shift in state, not simply an experience!

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