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This is a forum for people interested in Transcendental Meditation (TM). TM is a simple, effortless, natural technique which develops the full potential of the mind and improves the functioning of all aspects of mental, bodily and emotional health. Over 600 scientific research studies validate the effectiveness of Transcendental Meditation. Many peer reviewed studies have been published in prestigious academic journals such as Scientific American, The American Journal of Neuroscience and The Lancet.

The studies confirm that TM improves intelligence, creativity, memory, learning ability; and is highly effective at lowering hypertension, depression, anxiety and all risk factors for heart disease and strokes. We are often asked if Transcendental Meditation is really that different to other forms of meditation or self development. Recent brain research suggests that TM enlivens significantly larger areas of the brain than other practices, making brain activity more orderly and holistic in ways that might take much longer periods of time with other techniques. It also gives the mind the opportunity to transcend mental activity - something which other techniques, by keeping the mind engaged, actually prevent happening. When the mind transcends, only then does it reach a point of absolute stillness.)

TM is widely recognized by business leaders, educators and health professionals because they appreciate its scientific basis, the standardization of its teaching format, and the professional way that the technique is taught by fully qualified instructors.

TM was recently endorsed by the American Heart Association as the only meditation practice capable of lowers high blood pressure.

These Meetup meetings are an opportunity for you to sign-up for a free , one-hour introductory talk and find out more about the technique; as well sign up for a 4-day course of instruction. When you've learnt the technique, you will be able to join one of our regular group meetings or apply to join the other opportunities for your advancement.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Please use the following link to register for the free introductory talk: http://www.tm.ae or email us on info@tm.ae stating that you are a Meet-Up inquirer.

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