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Our primary design is to take the humanoid (that’s YOU) to places you’ve never been before. So how do we do this? One of our many famous mottos is…”Trails are to get you to the fun places.” SO, you will rarely see an all trail trek posted on our site. Instead, we use a portion of the trail to get us to that magical place when we duck under the brush to discover a rarely used drainage or canyon as we carve our new path through Gods country.

This brings me to our next famous quote which you will often see in some of the titles of our treks. (NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!) How do we do this? We take two or three individual treks and tie them together by connecting them through bushwhacking, scrambling and boulder hopping. This makes for a super X-citing trek and allows you to see places from a completely different perspective. I mean let’s face it, how many times can you go to the top of Blacketts Ridge and be mesmerized. I’d say about once or twice. But how about if you head up Blacketts Ridge and never come back down the trail. Want to find a way to conquer Thimble Peak from Blacketts? We were told that it couldn’t be done but guess what, WE DID IT! No ropes, no belaying devices, no helicopters...just common sense and a cup full of pure determination!!!

What else is different about us is we don’t hike every weekend. Our hikes are elite and take a massive amount of time to carve out making sure you’re going to be SAFE! We recon almost every hike 100% of the time. This means we’ve been out there making sure its SUPER FUN yet SAFE for everyone.

You’ll also notice out hiking membership is very low compared to the “other” groups in the area. Some of them boast how many people they have (over 2,000) while we boast how few we have. When you come look at our membership list you’ll come across someone who actually hikes. In fact, if you become a member and don’t visit our site for 3 months or more, WE WILL REMOVE YOU!!! So, please be serious about your membership.

Next on the list and closest to my heart is SAFETY! We don’t mess around with going off trail and not being prepared. We take this very serious and put it at the top of the list. Many people hike alone or with others will often adopt the attitude “Nothings going to happen.” Or… “It’s just a short hike.” With that attitude, people aren’t prepared and when something really does happen, emergency services can’t get to them in a timely fashion. Not only do we use 2 way radios and do head counts throughout the trek, we have amateur radio which connects us directly to SARA (Search and Rescue) so we’re never out of touch. People who count on their cell phone to save them are nothing less than delusional. SAFETY FIRST!


We DO NOT do beginner hikes. We suggest you start trekking flat areas while working yourself up to the tram road in Sabino Canyon. This is where many of us broke in our trekking shoes.

We DO NOT tolerate people pulling a NO SHOW without a valid reason. We realize things happen in life but being abducted by aliens or having to pee because you drank to much coffee, are not good excuses. Well, maybe the alien excuse is viable once or twice. Ü

We DO NOT gossip about the other hiking groups and how they do things differently than us. You may hear them gossip about us, but we will NEVER say anything but positive things about them. In fact you even see us promoting them at the bottom of this page!. We believe in taking the higher road and exercising integrity! You will find NO DRAMA in our club. If you do feel or hear what you consider drama, please share this with the leader so he/she is aware of what’s going on. We’re here to hike. End of story!

Our treks involve a variety of levels such as….

• Advanced Beginner
• Intermediate
• Advanced Intermediate
• Difficult
• X-treme

You will notice a range of XXX’s after most peoples name. This is a rating system that allows everyone to have a “general" idea about how we gauge them as a hiker. We then rate each trek with a certain number of X’s which helps people decide if they should come. We encourage everyone to push themselves but not be way out of their range as to create an unequally yoked event. There’s nothing worse. (well, I’m sure there is but I just can't think of it right now) than someone lagging behind holding up the entire crew because someone bit off more than they can chew. So, please don’t be offended if we ask you questions up front about your hiking ability before coming on the first one or two treks! THANKS!

MISSION STATEMENT: Our main purpose is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere while trekking as many elite areas as life will grant us.

DISCLAIMER: By clicking on a link below to other hiking/climbing/backpacking groups does not indicate we endorse their practice regarding safety or the way they run their group. If you are injured while participating in one of their events, we claim no responsibility! If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not access the links from our site. THANK YOU!

Be sure to check out the other groups in Tucson allowing you even more variety. Click on the name to take you to their page!
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Peace out
Mr. X
www.xhikingclub.org (http://www.meetup.com/xhikingclub/)

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