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Hello, XPers:

I'm very excited about our next Meetup! We'll be going outside of our traditional speaker(s) model to try a workshop with Agile Coach Matthieu Cornillon. This workshop is for developers and non-developers, so come one, come all!

Elephant Carpaccio

Designed by Alistair Cockburn, this workshop is on its face about slicing user stories really, really, really thinly. While the primary goal is to help break through conceptual blocks that limit story breakdown, the workshop also gives participants a chance to exercise their connection to user value, make stories truly vertical, and hone their attention to lean, simple development. The workshop starts with presentations and guided discussions, after which groups of 2-3 create backlogs for a small application and actually build it over the course of five short sprints.

Note: This is open to coders and non-coders alike. Participants interested in coding should bring a laptop with a power cord and a working development environment. Any language/interface will do, but simple is best (e.g., past participants have built a command-line interface in Python). Use what you are comfortable with and can rely on, to avoid spending the whole time on environment issues.


Matthieu Cornillon is an Agile Coach whose career path started with tinkering around on his Apple II Plus 30-odd years ago. He did a whole bunch of other stuff in the interim, most of which revolved around finding ways to make work easier through technology. Over the last decade, he has gradually shifted his focus from directly creating products to helping coach others in doing so. He values a strong theoretical understanding of Agile, Lean, systems thinking, and other ideas, but believes it important to marry that with hands-on experience in getting things done. For Matthieu, that experience has spanned film and theater, software development, project management, and renovating his 150-year-old house. Before going on hiatus at the birth of his young daughter, Matthieu worked as a professional actor in New York City. Read his blog at growingtruffles.wordpress.com and follow him on Twitter @growingtruffles.