From Chaos to Collaboration: Inviting Leaders to Adopt Kanban


“From Chaos to collaboration: Inviting Leaders to Adopt Kanban”
"Agile Transformation at a Fortune 500 Company”
Tim Stadinski & Sesha Srinivas

Agile adoptions are failing at a higher rate more than ever. Industry experience reports indicate that culture change is a major impediment for new ways of working to be accepted and creating a safe environment for sustainability. Many major consulting organizations are mandating and pushing bad practices on people instead of meeting stakeholders where they are at and inviting everyone to an alternative approach to cultural agility. As agile leaders of a global coaching team, we were responsible for a strategy to train and coach a large enterprise infrastructure and operations group to adopt a new agile way of working. In a little over a year, our global enterprise agile coaching team successfully championed and executed the use of the Kanban Method where the nature of the work was on-demand and transactional in nature. We will share our experiences inviting leadership to consider the new approach, how we co-created the strategy, launched the teams, organized an engaged community of practice, and created a safe space for experimentation, learning, and innovation to grow. The achieved outcomes focused on eliminating manual handoffs and dependencies, improving cycle and lead times, and drastically reducing demand for a sustainable and enjoyable flow of work.

Tim Stadinski is an agile leader with 24 years of digital entrepreneurial experience partnering with leaders at all levels focused on increasing employee engagement to implement cultural agility and continuous improvement in organizations. He started his career as a software engineer working for startups in the 90's and was inspecting and adapting before we called it agile. He has diverse experience in Startups, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Insurance, Music, Publishing, Environmental, Education, Sports, Healthcare, Human Capital Management, Finance, and Internet markets. For the past 10 years, he has been working as an enthusiastic change agent who thrives in environments of ambiguity and uncertainty and passionately believes in a pragmatic, methodology agnostic, learn-by-doing invitational approach to sustain continuous learning and improvements in organizations.

Sesha (Phonetic: Say-Shah) Srinivas is an evangelist for Lean-Agile thinking who strongly believes that Agile transformations rock and that they start from leadership. He has 18 years of experience in Digital IT platforms including development, Business Analysis, Project and Product Management skills and certifications. His coaching experience scales across various domains including Education, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Manufacturing and Airlines. He is a strong believer in meeting teams and organizations where they are and together walking thru the continuing success of the transformation. He trained over 100 teams as a Trainer, Mentor, Facilitator and Coach in various frameworks with Lean-Agile values and principles as core competencies.