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Speaker: Mike Boumansour
My name is Mike Boumansour, but I go by Boomer. I have degrees in computer science and business administration. I have been in the software development industry for going on 30 years holding various delivery and managerial roles. I have been practicing Agile, Kanban, and Lean since about 2008 and primarily focused on helping companies adopt and refine those practices since 2013. I love sharing and collaborating with others who are passionate about software development and advancing the state of our craft. You can see more about my background at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mcboumansour/. You can also find me on Medium at https://medium.com/@michael.boumansour.

Taking The Pain Out Of Planning
One of the bigger challenges I have experienced in helping organizations mature their Lean and Agile practices is going from team level agility to portfolio and organizational level agility. This is exemplified in the planning processes. Big up front planning approaches are already slow and painful in many companies. Those pain points tend to be further magnified when you attempt to move to a more continuous planning approach because of high transaction costs involved in the process. This is an area where many companies tend to hit a wall in their journey.
To help address this challenge I created a tool that I will be demonstrating that allows companies to begin addressing these pain points. I am not for a moment suggesting that a tool is going to resolve all of the challenges and fully acknowledge there is a lot involved. That said this tool can absolutely provide value to groups and companies that have decided they want to move to a more continuous way of planning, but are hindered by much of the tedium involved and may not have the budget or sponsorship to acquire a commercial tool. It also provides a way for you to experiment with how such a process might work in a simple, inexpensive, and non-disruptive way. I hope through this talk I can help others who are struggling and want to find a better way.

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