Let’s do Agile Transformations the Agile Way


Speaker: Jochen (Joe) Krebs

Jochen (Joe) Krebs is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and an Agile Coach with Incrementor. Joe has delivered Scrum courses and workshops for over 10 years to thousands of participants world-wide. He is the author of the book Agile Portfolio Management and produced the Agile Transformation Kata. He had hundreds of guests on his podcast Agile.FM over the past years . As a coach, Joe has led several large organizations and start-up’s alike through a successful agile transformation using Scrum. Joe also launched a brand new certification program in the agile community called the “Certified Agile Transformation Coach - C-ATC).

Meetup Description:
Have you seen or experienced agile transformations that were planned long-term, start-to-finish, and possibly with a plan? Maybe you have also seen agile transformations being “rolled-out”, top-down? How about agile transformations that focused on only on one aspect of agile, for example time to market? If so, you are not alone.

Why do so many organizations plan agile transformations in a traditional project management approach if the desired outcome should be agile? How can we expect teams to be feel empowered and self-organized if a specific version of agile is being dictated? Why are so many agile transformation challenged or have failed? Maybe because of exactly that.

Let’s talk about a practice to change that and introduce agility to a process that transforms organizations to agile. A practice that is called the Agile Transformation Kata. Let’s walk through the Kata together and see why transformations are never really complete, value driven and uses servant leadership as management style. While talking about the Kata, we will keep a close eye on the role of the Agile Transformation Coach.