Matthieu's Playbook Tried & True Patterns for Kickstarting Scrum Teams New & Old

The New York XP & Agile Meetup Group
The New York XP & Agile Meetup Group
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Please bring your gov't issued photo ID for security at the door. We're on the 13th floor in the Teacher's Lounge.

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You recently completed a two-day training, and you are now a Certified ScrumMaster. There's only one problem: what do you actually do next?

Part of the genius of the Agile Manifesto is that it doesn't tell you exactly what to do. It gives you a resilient foundation of values and principles that is grounded in discovered truths, and then lets you figure out how to apply it. Scrum describes process a bit more, but still leaves a lot of open questions. Again, this room to adapt is incredibly powerful. However, at the outset it can be quite daunting. Even after going through Certified ScrumMaster training, new practitioners may be a little lost as to what exactly to do next.

Over the years, I've built up a set of simple, concrete practices that I use both to get teams started and to help existing teams that are having trouble. Recently, after helping three teams get up to speed in quick succession, I decided to write down these practices as a playbook. While I look forward to the day when these teams grow beyond my playbook and throw it in the trash, I have seen great results from starting with a small set of concrete practices. Come to this session and walk out with simple, concrete things you can do to get your team flying.

Matthieu Cornillon leads the Agile practice at Amplify, a Brooklyn-based education technology company partnering with teachers to help them do their nearly impossible and utterly essential jobs, by extending their reach, saving them time, and enhancing their understanding of each student. Through most of his career, Matthieu has worked on trying to help people work more effectively, whether through building tools or tweaking processes. Over the last decade, he has shifted his focus from directly creating products to helping coach others in doing so. He values a strong theoretical understanding of Agile, Lean, systems thinking, and other ideas, but believes it important to marry that with lessons learned through hands-on experience in getting things done. For Matthieu, that experience has spanned film and theater, software development, project management, political activism, and renovating his 150-year-old house. Although currently on hiatus to bring up his two young daughters, Matthieu is also a professional actor. Read his blog at and follow him on Twitter @growingtruffles.