What we're about

Who is Welcome?
We welcome anyone who has an interest in growth using extended reality for business growth (XR).

What is XR?
According to Wired.com: "It's a real thing but also, not a real thing. Depending on who you ask, XR can either encompass a bunch of immersive video standards; suggest an intensified media experience; or just serve as a catchall phrase for AR and VR"

What do we do?
We explore the future of Sales, Marketing & Growth. This meetup will host events, trainings, dev sessions, experiences & more. This group will be specifically geared towards individuals looking to use XR as a sales tool or as a marketing platform. We encourage individuals of all skillsets as well as professionals looking to utilize XR in their businesses to come out and see what we are all about.

Please Note: We will not be focused on development, XR creation, or the technical side of the industry. We are focused more on the various uses of XR for business and personal growth, specifically to help foster attention, sales and a digital presence!

Where are we located?
We are located in Austin Texas with two convenient locations smack in the heart of downtown.

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Introduction and Welcome to: XR for Growth

Capital Factory

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