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This meetup series are for anybody who is interested in technical aspects of Data Science and Machine Learning.

The main goal of these events and whole Y-DATA initiative is to build stronger academia-industry relationships and to make our ecosystem more competitive.

Y-DATA school is a program in Data Science in Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion University campus organized by Yandex and operating as a branch of Yandex School of Data Analysis (YSDA). YSDA was founded in Moscow in 2007 and has more than 1100 graduates. For many years YSDA is considered the best M.Sc level program in ML and DS in Russia and its graduates work in leading companies and research institutes all over the world.

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Past events (18)

Y-DATA#18: ML Methods for Video Analysis

Online event

Y-DATA#16: How to find and engage with academic papers

Online event

Y-DATA#15: ML in Medical Imaging

Online event

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