Yalla! Uncle Saleh's Arabic Conversation & Reading Series

Yalla Arabi: San Francisco/East Bay Arabic Language Learning
Yalla Arabi: San Francisco/East Bay Arabic Language Learning
Public group

Au Coquelet Cafe Restaurant

2000 University Ave · Berkeley, CA

How to find us

We are usually in the back room in the corner. You can post a comment on the meetup if you are not seeing us and someone will likely see it.

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The Arabic language learning continues with this series by Uncle Saleh!!

Saleh has formally taught both Arabic and English courses. He has a deep grammatical understanding of both Arabic Fus-hah and Levantine Amiyah, so come with questions.

It's always a fun time and a great learning experience with Saleh! All levels are welcome.

We speak, we write (if we are ready for that) and we always LAUGH! We may form smaller groups to accommodate different levels of Arabic learners.

NO BOOK IS NEEDED. Uncle Saleh prepares a different handout for each session. It includes Arabic text, English translation and sometimes the transliterated Arabic to English so you can read along in Arabic while reading English text. Empowering!


See above link that describes a typical Uncle Saleh/Yalla Arabi event!

We almost always find a table at the back of the restaurant (not the front cafe) on the left.

Learn about Uncle Saleh from this article written by Yalla Arabi member Laurie Winestock: