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    I am the Arabic instructor at Berkeley City College; and I also teach some small classes outside of BCC- one in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, and another in Modern Standard Arabic.
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    I love languages. Currently work as a Sign Language interpreter. Travelled through North Africa and Middle East in 70s and studied Arabic.have forgotten most of it but want to try to get it back.
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    Field Organizer, Green Party of Alameda County. Truth, justice and freedom seeker. Free Palestine!
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    Hi I'm a native arabic speaker who would like to volunteer
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    Hi, I dabble in Arabic. I have studied a little fusha, Egyptian dialect and Arabic calligraphy. I enjoy the Arabic language, culture, music an food.
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    Marhaba...I grew up speaking broken Arabic & am gradually mending the breaks with a larger vocabulary & better fluency. Both parents are native speakers. We'd love to have you join our fun Arabic learning group!