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January Happy Hour

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Due to popular demand, I've started this group, after a previous doggie happy hour group became defunct when the organizer left town. Though there were a number of assistant organizers, without the leadership of the organizer, no one was in a position to take the reigns.

But I really missed the doggie happy hours, so I decided to bring them back! Put your drinking hats on, and bring your favorite canine. Well, ok, bring them all!

We'll meet on a Saturday for happy hour. Saturday allows those of you who work weekdays (which is most of us) time to get your dog. Saturday's also more social. It just works out best.

So grab your dog and a drink! But not at the same time! See ya there!

********** DETAILS **********

EVENT FEE: $5.00

This event will be held at the Hotel Monaco, downtown @ 17th & Champa. Once you get inside, go downstairs to the Paris-A event room.

This might seem like a strange venue, but the Hotel Monaco is a very dog-friendly establishment, and, in fact, was very gracious, even eager, to help me get this event set up there. We're actually getting much more than any bar in town would give us. Check it...

1) Mobile Bar - Standard drink prices
2) Complimentary Appetizers - Bruscietta, I believe
3) Complimentary Water Bar - For the dogs to drink
4) Complimentary Dog Biscuits - Homemade, from the hotel's kitchen

You're probably saying to yourself, "Self, how much is this gonna cost me?" Only five bucks! The Hotel Monaco has agreed to give us a discounted rate, and isn't even charging me a security deposit. With the number of people in attendance, I'm sure that collecting $5 from each person at the door should cover the fees. Any excess money will be put towards future event expenses.

All the hotel asks, for all of this, is that you do your best to keep the room clean. That's all. Why? They really love dogs! In a city that prohibits dogs practically everywhere, the Hotel Monaco just makes me feel all warm & squishy inside. Kudos Hotel Monaco!

If you'd like to know more about the Hotel Monaco, you can visit their web site:

http://www.monaco-den... (

********** NOTICE **********

Just to avoid confusion, let's leave the dogs out of the RSVP numbers. Not because they aren't people, too (really, some think they are), but because it's impossible to differentiate between human & canine guests. Please RSVP with your human guests only. If you feel compelled to include your pet, the comments area is perfect. This gives me a better idea of how many people to actually expect.

Also, I've written up some important information you should know before you attend the event. Please go to the About page to read it:

http://activedogs.mee... (

********** SEE YA THERE **********

This is gonna be a cool, classy social event for you & your dog. With so many people RSVP'd, this should be a lot of fun! I've even gotten requests from people who want to come, but can't because the event is full. Since there is such demand, I ask that you PLEASE be certain you WILL attend, if you've RSVP'd "Yes". Your absence means a slot someone else could have used to attend, but didn't get to. I know dog lovers are caring people, so please be considerate of those people who would love to have your spot.

What fun! I look forward to seeing you there!