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It's time, once again, for Yappy Hour! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, show your beloved pooch a little love and take him/her out for a fun time of tail-waggin' & @$$-sniffin'!

This Yappy Hour offers the usual drinking and debauchery, as well as festive goodies! There'll be booze, foodz, treatz, peepz, dogz, funz, and booze. So nice I saidz it twice! Don't let a little weather keep you from enjoying a unique & lively activity!

Paws on Lipan is a superb boarding/daycare facility in central Denver, offering indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs, as well as peeps! There's also a swimming pool and play equipment outdoors, but weather prohibits swimming in the wintertime. Still, a warm, dog-lovin' atmosphere is all we need to have a great time!

This event will be a BYOB party, since they seem to do so well! So bring yourself, your dog, some eats and/or a bottle of whatever you like to drink. Should be a rompin' good time!

There will be:

1) Drinks
2) Snacks
3) Water for dogs
4) Treats for dogs
5) Indoor and outdoor play areas
6) Play equipment for dogs
7) Doggy music
8) Cool people

The event will start @ 4 pm & go until they kick us out. You can learn more about Pawn on Lipan at their web site: (


Please register for human beings only; do not include dogs in your RSVP. This gives me an accurate count of how many people will attend.

As always, I'll be sending out a final details e-mail 2 days before the event (to explain things like parking, give out my number for directions, etc.) If you haven't RSVP'd "Yes", you won't get that mail.

Also, please commit to your RSVP. I shouldn't have to mention that it's uncool to say you're gonna show up and then not show up.


Bring Your Own Booze. If you're not such a drinker, it'd be nice if you could bring some snacks. We'll have an area set up to serve stuff, and will provide complimentary booze of some kind (usually determined by organizer before the event), as well as gourmet snacks for dogs. Still, BYOB implies that anyone who plans on consuming anything should bring something. Help make this successful by PITCHING IN! Only YOU can prevent forest fires!


The fee covers costs like venue fees, meetup fees, treats, etc. I've made this event pre-pay. Please use the PayPal link on this page to confirm your attendance with a $5 pre-payment (per person). This helps me to know before the event that I'll break even, at least. In order to encourage pre-pay, the event fee goes up to $10 at the door, so I know you'll wanna pre-pay! Any excess funds, as always, go toward future events.

This is a social group and, as my lack of any real profit can attest to, not a business. Therefore, it's rather uncomfortable for me to ask people for money outright. So, once you arrive at the event, please take the initiative to approach me so I can confirm your attendance and payment. I can't always scan the crowd for new arrivals, so please find me once you arrive.


As explicitly stated on this group's ABOUT page, children are prohibited from attending these events. With so many dogs running around chaotically, as well as booze being freely available without supervision, I simply cannot accept the liability of having any minors there. Arrange a sitter, drop him/her off at orphanage, or whatever, but PLEASE do not bring your children to these events!


These events are always fun! And you don't have to leave your dog at home. Come make a friend for your dog, and maybe one for yourself, too!


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