When Tech is not enough - DLD Master Class, Maurizio Rossi


Maurizio Rossi is joining Entrepreneurship on Tap with his talk -
"When Tech is not enough"

Wednesday, September 18th, 19:00, Queen B, TLV
Free Entrance!!!
**The lecture will be held in English**
This event is part of the DLD Tel-Aviv Festival- http://www.dldtelaviv.com

"When Tech is not enough:
Embracing transformation in the business environment and Implementing new economic models"

Working in the creative cultures and inspired by design, Rossi believes upcoming technologies, the growing impact of design, coupled up with a growing environmental awareness, will create a major shift, and hence joined H-Farm as co-founder and investor to make his contribution to innovating models and to support this upcoming shift.
H-FARM is an innovative platform that supports the creation of new business models, the digital transformation and the training of large international corporations toward the open innovation. Structured as a campus where a young community of over 600 people works and about 300 study H-FARM is worldwide considered as a one-of-a-kind company.

H-FARM was the first company in the world to choose a model formed of both incubation and acceleration activities for young businesses and digital transformation services for traditional enterprises. Thanks to the major network of partners and investors established

in its first 10 years, every year H-FARM analyzes and evaluates over 1000 projects and selects the best ones to enter different programs every season. An academic study program from the preschool age till the college and master degrees are part of the H- FARM habit.