Feel Good Now Retreat


Would you like to reduce and even eliminate emotional pain from experiences in your life? Would you like to know how to train the ego to work more for you instead out of fear and blocking you from manifesting your highest potential?

Hi, my name is Janie Ambrose and I was in so much physical and emotional pain and overloaded with a fear based ego that I set out to commit suicide 3 and a half years ago. Angels and Jesus sent me signs (I will share more of the details of this amazing story at the retreat) that showed me how to release the charge of dark emotions and programs that were causing me so much pain and blocking me from my highest potential.

I am now a Doctor of Metaphysics, LMT, Holistic Coach, HEAL Technique practitioner, Grand Master of Belvaspata, and Ordained Minister. I look and feel young, healthy, and peaceful which is much different from what I was like 3 yrs ago. I will show you a picture at retreat if you have not seen it already. I was diagnosed with over 50 different things some considered incurable that I now no longer have mostly due to the HEAL Technique.

The HEAL Technique transformed my life the most so in this special retreat I will be sharing some of the juicy secrets and walking you through these amazing breaths that correspond with brain waves. I will be explaining the difference between the soul and spirit. I will be talking about the ego and subconscious mind and so much more. These brain wave breaths that I will be showing you costs me hundreds of dollars to learn and now I am sharing with you and letting you decide how much it is worth to you. A love offering of a minimum of $18 is suggested. The money will go towards room rental, more meetups, and toward helping healing projects like a healing house.

Seating is limited so RSVP as soon as possible and update if you cannot make it so others on waiting list can. Thank you and I look forward to seeing the look of bliss on your faces after doing these powerful breathing exercise.

I will be presenting tools to reduce and eliminate the charge of any low vibration like fear, worry, sadness, and anger instantly which opens doors up to feel your best and increase your potential to manifest anything.

This will be right after Spiritual Awakenings 11-12 and then there will be a potluck around 12 to 1. You are invited to come for this also and bring a dish if you can for potluck (perferably healthy).