• Jupyter Notebook for Machine Learning - Part 2 HANDS ON
    A joint A.I. North and ylab event, in the ylab maker space at the David Dunlap Observatory. If you are already familiar with Jupyter Notebook or you've attended our part 1 session, come in and get some hands-on work with data analysis and machine learning. We'll start with a sample dataset and work through massaging and displaying the data with tools like Panda and Matplotlib, and then get into some machine learning analysis with tools from Scikit-learn. We'll be working everything in Python. YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR LAPTOP AND LOAD THE JUPYTER SOFTWARE BEFORE ARRIVING. Go to https://jupyter.com for installation instructions. ***SPACE IS LIMITED*** The token $4 charge will cover a beverage and some cookies, and seems to prevent people from booking a spot and not showing up. And it helps a teeny tiny bit to help pay our rent at the DDO. Less than a coffee and a cookie at Starbucks - and you get to attend a great seminar and visit the maker space! ***PLEASE NOTE*** 18 year and older event. We love kids (many of us have our own), but this event is not intended for them. Check out all the Y Lab events at http://

    David Dunlap Observatory

    123 Hillsview Drive · Richmond Hill, ON