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What is Healing Light Kata? Another way to say it is LIGHT FORM.

You are LIGHT. There is an essential FORM to align with LIGHT. This will help you to be free from pain, increase range of motion, speed and ease of movement, and help you to excel at all that you do.

When: New Schedule starts 24 October, 2012. Ongoing 90 minute class every Wednesday at 6pm. Register and pay from 6pm to 6:15pm. Class starts at 6:15pm sharp, goes until 7:45pm. Saturday morning classes start 17 Nov., 2012, 9am. Register and pay from 9am to 9:15am. Class starts at 9:15am, goes until 10:45am. 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month, with occasional 5th Saturdays when they occur.

Healing Light Yoga Studio at
Winona Grange Hall
8340 SW Seneca Street
Tualatin, OR 97062

How much? Very reasonable $10.00 drop-in. Register and pay 15 minutes before class starts.

503-724-2755 Call to schedule & reserve your place!

OK! Tell me more! Healing Light Kata is based on what I have learned from the past 40+ years, and it represents an integration of many years of experience teaching and performing Raja Yoga (Royal Yoga), T’ai Ch’i Ch’uan (Supreme Ultimate Fist), Climbing, Posture, and Dance.

Healing Light refers to the position of the sun when it is touching the horizon at sunrise and sunset. In ancient lore, it is said that gazing at the sun will help to heal any condition when it is touching the horizon – not above the horizon, as this is dangerous to the eye.

Kata is a Japanese word meaning ‘form’. What we do is to learn a form that is tailored for your unique situation, and also show you how to improve your form, with the goal of achieving realization of freedom of movement, power, confidence, and self-expression without discomfort. We work with the body in a natural way, with nature. Nothing is forced.

Please bring your own mat, and wear clothes you can move freely in. No food at least one hour prior to class. Hydrate thoroughly before class with pure water. This is for your own comfort. Namaste!

Steve Davis, RYT, LMT, NCTMB
YA #29243, OBMT #13099, NCTMB #512195-6
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29 October 2012:
Additional note about this class:

This class is focused on freeing the body through attunement to classic neutral posture.

After many years of study, I have developed a method of attaining classic neutral posture.

There are natural physics involved in how your body handles the energy of gravity, and how your body is able to move through space with a minimum of effort.

The grand design of neutral posture shows what these physics are, in the alignment of the skeleton, the shape of the bones, structure of the joints, including how the ligaments, tendons, and muscles are attached across joints, and how the internal organs are arranged inside the body.

The grand design of the body allows for optimal functioning of all systems of the body when neutral posture is attained.

When you are conscious of this posture, I have called this state of being Light Form, or Healing Light Kata.

Healing Light refers to Light Energy. Kata is a Japanese word that means Form. Gravity is an expression of light energy, and it is transmitted primarily through proper alignment of the bones of the skeleton.

Light Form is a way to realize your natural power and natural alignment, because you are holding your body above the Earth as it is designed. The grand design of your body is honored.

Efficiency and speed in movement is assured, as you will spin around an internal axis, with minimal torque. Energy is used most efficiently in this way.

Every movement becomes more beautiful as you are able to move with greater balance, and graceful expression with reserve power.

One of the grand miracles in how your body works is how decisions are made in allocating precious resources. Increased efficiency is gained by proper alignment with gravity.

I have based these exercises on what I have seen in my clinical practice integrating Yoga and Massage Therapy. I can modify them to suit your condition, and you will have a routine that you can do that will help you.

Conditions that can be helped include: elimination of pain, increase in strength, energy, and increase in flexibility, or stabilization in the case of hypermobile joints, better functioning of all systems of the body.

From what I have seen, about 95% of the population needs improvement in their posture.


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