Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation with FULL SOUND Immersion

Yoga to Restore & Strengthen
Yoga to Restore & Strengthen
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The Theosophical Society in Detroit

27745 Woodward Avenue · Berkely, MI

How to find us

Parallel park along the building, Westbourne Market or side streets

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PLEASE NOTE: Space in the room is limited so your spot is saved once you complete STEP 2 by registering at

YOGA NIDRA is a highly effective way to manage stress, reduce anxiety, open to the possibilities of love for others and yourself, tap into your inner power, and heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. These are only a few of the benefits! Research shows that 30 minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to 2-4 hours of deep sleep.

Begins at 6:00 pm, arrive 15-30 minutes EARLY Please!

YOGA NIDRA is a deep state of relaxation in which you are awake yet it seems as though you are asleep. Deeper and deeper, you come into an altered state of consciousness; deeply felt relaxation in mind and body. As you relax, shedding layers of tension, the clarity of the heart begins to shine through. A deep connection with the REAL you appears. Parts of you that maybe felt disjointed before, align.

To help you achieve this state, I'll first guide you through yoga postures to release physical tension in the body and open up to your experience. Once you are comfortably lying down, we will begin with guided meditation, visualization, and sounds of crystal singing bowls to help you go deeper into a yogic sleep.

Being guided into this deep state means that deep relaxation is readily available to you, offering a practical method for restoring body and mind, honoring your heart and soul.

**** DOOR OPEN HALF HOUR BEFORE THE EVENT, PLEASE ARRIVE WITH LOVE no later than 15 minutes PRIOR and also with anything that will help your comfort lying down, i.e. blankets, pillow, eye pillow, etc...******

For more information on the benefits of deep relaxation and yoga nidra, visit the yoga nidra page on my website:

Wake up to your true power and open to possibilities...

Please keep in mind that space is limited and has been filling up typically prior to the day of the event.


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Arrive early - $25 cash at the door

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