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You Back It! is a crowdfunding group for members to come together to learn and share on the area of crowdfunding, In a typical crowdfunding project, there will be hundreds or thousands of investors, all managed through an online platform.

The growth of crowdfunding is underpinned by a few key trends, namely: (a) Higher Internet and mobile penetration rates (b) Changing social cultures where consumers have a high degree of trust for online transactions (c) Power of social media to syndicate information (d) Online channels provide instant feedback that can be used to modify offerings (e) Ease of access to data and companies’ willingness to share information online.

One of the key benefits of crowdfunding is diversification. With the lower investment quantum, investors are able to invest across multiple assets in different locations (preferably with different economic drivers) and across multiple asset classes (residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial) — helping to improve returns or lower risk. Other benefits include access to opportunities typically reserved for institutional investors and a simplified, online investment process.

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