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Old Rag + Robertson (Night Hike)

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These are the tasks that will be achieved in this hike:
1. workout, a 13.5 mile with elevation of about 3,500 feet.
2. Make friends
3. Hike in less crowd.
4. Not spend the whole day- so u can go out on Saturday night
5. You can easily bail, if you eat a heavy lunch.
6. You can easily join if you eat a heavy lunch and feel like crap.
7. You will be told you will see a sunset but wont see at the summit as sun sets in the east :)
8. You will see the stars hiking with you.
9. You will feel better after the hike.
10. You will have the experience hiking at night.

These are the things i expect from you:
1. Dress appropriate for rain/snow/heat
2. Bring Head lamps.
3. Laugh a lot.
4. Bring $5 to $10 for your driver if you are carpooling.
5. A printed map of both these mountains. Google it.
6. A snack for the eve/food if necessary.
7. A compass.
8. Water alt-east 2lbs.
9. Be on time.
10. Bring chocolates for your instant energy- at-least for me:)


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