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This is a group for everyone who is interested in Japanese, including both learners and teachers. Our goal is to share conversation and culture while teaching and learning Japanese. If you are interested in improving your Japanese or gaining experience as a Japanese teacher, we invite you to join us! このグループは日本語に興味を持っている方(日本語を勉強したい方、日本語を教えたい方)のグループです!私たちは集まって、一緒に食べたり喋ったり日本語を練習したりします。日本語を上達させたい方や日本語を教えたい方、大歓迎です〜お願いします〜

***Note for our members new to learning Japanese: We ask that all beginner members begin studying the Japanese writing systems of hiranaga and katakana independently since this will significantly help your teachers during lessons! ^^ We will add a resource page with some useful links soon, but for now check out this site for help: http://www.tofugu.com/2010/04/06/tofugu-100-best-japanese-learning-resources/#hiragana


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