NY Customer Panel: Handy, Harry’s and Novo @ Rise New York


Having a hard time creating customer obsession within your company? Wanting to learn more about how companies deliver best in class support while remaining operationally efficient and cost-effective? Hear first-hand stories and gain insight from their experiences. Did we mention there’s going to be free food and drinks?

∙ Effortless Customer Experience: What does this mean? How do you create it?
∙ How you build and enable a team to support your customers
∙ Metrics, metrics, metrics...for best-in-class CX
∙ Using the voice of your customers to drive change in your company

Kristen Durham is VP of Startup Initiatives at Zendesk. She worked for Silicon Valley Bank building their VC and technology banking practices in Latin America, China, and other emerging markets.

Featured Speakers:
Devon Langston is the Associate Director of Customer Experience at Handy HQ. Devon started her early career in healthcare finance before spending 4 years building and scaling customer support at Uber. While in the Bay she also spent time at an autonomous vehicle startup, Zoox, pioneering the support world for riders and driverless cars. She is a recent transplant to NYC from the Bay Area and loves exploring and being a tourist while it’s still socially acceptable.

Brian Kale is the Head of Customer Success at Novo. He’s been helping users and companies understand each other for nearly 5 years through conversation and storytelling. Lover of coffee, books, and the oxford comma.

Nick Martin is currently the Manager of Operations for the Customer Experience Team at Harry's. Prior to this, he has worked as an Associate, Quality Assurance Analyst, and team Supervisor all within the Customer Experience Team. Outside of work, he has a passion for exercise and walking his dog Toby in Central Park.