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ZGC-Canada-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum @ Ottawa (zCAN-CHIEF) Meetup Group


This zCAN-CHIEF meetup group is created and organized by ZGC Innovation Center @ Ottawa (ZICO). This group would gather professionals together from both Canada and China innovation communities to discuss how we can assist the Canadian innovation entrepreneurs to enter and expand the Chinese Market, how we can bring the Chinese R&D and investment companies to Canada, and what the impact, gap, and future are. You are cordially invited to join this zCAN-CHIEF meetup community to meet professionals and gather useful information if you are planning to establish a high-tech company or marketize your technology in China. You are also welcome to share the view, knowledge, experiences, and stories to help and guide the other entrepreneurs and talents in the community.

ZICO was jointly established by the ZGC Group and the Invest Ottawa since 2013 as a two-way channel to promote the deep cooperation in the innovation area between China and Canada. We are committed to linking the innovation elements in Ottawa and ZGC, providing consulting and connection services, and conducting extensive scientific and technological innovation exchanges. ZICO has leased office space and ancillary event facilities of Bayview Yards and would organize a series of networking events. We are glad to have a conversation with you if interested, please feel free to contact: zgcottawa@gmail.com.

About ZGC Science Park

ZGC Science Park is a world-famous technology innovation hub in Beijing with over 20,000 hi-tech companies, 488 km2 park area, 2 million employees, and $3.61 trillion total income. ZGC Science Park is China's biggest science park with a high concentration of scientific and technological institutions and intellectual resources. Located in this area are 39 institutions of higher learning represented by Peking University and Tsinghua University. There are 213 research institutions as exemplified by the institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and 37% of the academicians of both the CAS and CAE are living and working in this area. Each year, thousands of sophisticated research discoveries emerge in this area and pour out to all places throughout China. Many state-level laboratories and important engineering and technology centers are concentrated in this area too. ZGC Science Park is the largest software development and production center in China.

About ZGC Group

ZGC Group is a leading hi-tech commercialization and investment group based in Beijing. It engages in five core businesses, which are the industrial investment, sci-tech finance, science park development, cross-regional cooperation, and international businesses. It was incorporated in 2010 and currently has a registered capital of $2.8 billion USD and 30 holding subsidiaries with total assets of $ 14.8 billion USD, achieving net assets of $ 3.9 billion USD. Connected to the innovative resources all around the world, the Group has built partnerships with countries and regions such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, and Minnesota, USA; Cambridge, UK; Toronto, Ottawa, Canada; Helsinki, Finland; and Israel.

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