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ZgPHP meetup #135


17:30 - Pre-meetup - gathering, small talk
18:00 - Meetup kickoff, Group announcements
18:10 - Host introduction
18:15 - Talk: Purgatory: The road to invalidation
19:00 - Short break
19:15 - Talk: Doing "agile"
20:00 - Lightning talks
20:15 - Drink up

Berislav Balogović: Purgatory: The road to invalidation
In a world where cache invalidation is one of the two hardest things developers face, one company must rise against all odds and face the challenge of always keeping their cache up to date. Witness as they attempt to solve their problems through various means, the hardships they face along the way and the knowledge they gain. Journey with them as they code their way through stale data hell and purge their cache daemons by creating a simple library that solves all their problems.
Purgatory: The road to invalidation, coming this March at your local PHP meetup.
Speaker short bio:
PHP developer for 12+ years.

Zvonimir Spajic: Doing "agile"
"You’re doing "agile" but how many grooming (refinements) do you have, there are still misunderstandings between the tech and non-tech people that you discover as you deliver (causing you to do rework)?
How about plugging in some Behaviour Driven development to encourage some true collaboration across roles and bridge that gap of misunderstanding, helping you to build the right thing?"".
Speaker short bio:
Zvonimir is a passionate software developer highly interested in software architecture and ‘getting it right’.
Outside work, he likes to keep his mind sharp and body strong by doing different recreational sports.
Zvone enjoys reading a good book, listening to all sorts of music, and 'dogs.

COVID-19 safety measures
This event will be held live at the Sofascore office.

It will be organized according to the recommendations of the HZJZ, and the number of people will be limited.
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
ZgPHP meetup
ZgPHP meetup
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