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Osho, an enlightened mystic master of 20th century, has provided thousands of hours of extemporaneous talks and scientific mediation methods. Osho’s intensive active meditation methods such as Dynamic meditation, help penetrate into the core and leave participants in utmost peace and blissful state. In a way it charges our batteries for the whole week to be happy, peaceful and joyful. At the end the session you will feel more synchronized with yourself and surroundings as well. Come join us to explore Osho. It may bring more charm and peace in your day to day life. Our members generously rate our workshops & classes. Here are a few feedbacks “Once in lifetime everybody should come out and experience a different way of life ” -Pam “ Join this group if you want to experience an abundance of love and bliss around you. ” - Jamie “ It helps you break down stress and anxiety and let loose. It is a healing therapy. ” - Angel “ Learn and experience Osho's scientific spiritual meditations that benefit body/mind/spirit. ” - Ram “ If you want to go-in! Join this group! Life is short, essential has to be done now! ” - Kris Schedule 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Introduction to the beginners. Osho's discourse for the regular members. 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM – Osho’s Dynamic Meditation 11:00 AM – 11:15AM – Break 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM – One of the Osho’s meditations. (Osho has discussed hundreds of meditation methods; facilitator will pick one of the techniques based on group energy) 12:15 AM – 12:30 PM – Dancing and Celebration *Please stay and help cleaning at the end of the program. Note for newcomers: If you are new to Osho and his meditations techniques, we encourage you to read his books and lectures online at ( . If you have never participated in the Dynamic Meditation, please join us sharp at 9:30 am, so that we could introduce you to the technique to participate in the group. How to participate: *Arrive in time. No late entries please. *Please help maintain serene environment. *Take shower before coming if you have body odor issues. *Refrain eating heavy meals before coming. *Donations of any amount are welcome, no one will ask you to pay, but we suggest you to contribute between $10-$20 to help. *Place cushions and mats back to its location "properly" after use. *Bringing shoes and food is prohibited inside the meditation hall. In Gratitude- Osho Dalllas Meditation Center *Non Profit Status IRS 501(c)(3) NEW TO MEDITATION OR EXPERIENCED. ALL ARE WELCOME. Click here to watch Osho Video. (

Zorba Studio - Osho Meditation Center Dallas

3207 SKYLANE DR STE 102 · Carrollton, TX

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If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness.

Many meditative techniques require one to sit still and silent. But for most of us accumulated stress in our body mind makes that difficult. Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions.

Osho Active Meditations have been scientifically designed by Osho over a period of time to enable us to consciously express and experience repressed feelings and emotions, and learn the knack of watching our habitual patterns in a new way.

At Zorba Studio we laugh, sing, dance, relax, play, create and celebrate life with the support of meditations designed by Osho. Osho has designed various techniques for the modern society that are therapeutic and enlightening. Osho meditations, books and discourses merge eastern and western philosophy and cover many topics including: Zen, Yoga, Kundalni, Dance, Breathwork, Chakras, Buddha, Jesus, Zorba, Gurdjieff, Sufi-ism, and so much more.

Come join us for fun in the wonderful world of Osho.


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