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This Meetup group offers global online networking events for professionals that are singles and like to meet other like-minded singles.

Using the Zuma.Dating website, members can join our global online networking & dating events.

How Zuma Dating Community Works
We host virtual events where singles can meet in the following 4 time zones:

  1. PST or USA West coast
  2. GMT (London time)
  3. GMT+4 or Dubai time
  4. GMT+8 or Singapore time

We also collaborate with global (professional & certified) matchmakers, dating & relationship coaches to do podcasts and offer tips for dating and relationships which includes free QA sessions.

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How Zuma Dating Site works
Here are 5 easily steps for a Zuma dating event:

  1. Signup or Login to Zuma.dating site and set up your personal profile.
  2. Add some credits to your account by going to our Buy Credit page.
  3. Request an online group date by going to our Join Dating Events page. You just need to pick a date, time, group size, and location for your group date!
  4. You will get an email 2 or 3 days before your group date with the meeting platform name, meeting link, and your host name. You can also get info on your coming dating events by going to our Matches page.
  5. Day after your group date event, submit your request for one-to-one matching with people you meet by going to our Matches page.

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RealBig: https://www.realbig.world/

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Virtual Networking and Mixing Event for Single Professionals- Europe Time Zone

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Come and meet other like-minded global singles.

How it works
The host makes a quick introduction, then let audience introduce themselves. Then, host creates conversation among males and females. For example, host asks females what they expect from a relationship and vice versa.

Meeting Info
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/bhp-jhqo-yxv

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Common barriers for starting a new healthy and sustainable relationship-Podcast

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