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F# Intro for .NET Developers (in German)

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Hi all,

The next meetup will be on Tue, June 2 at 7 PM, same place as usual. If you come for the first time, please download this pdf ( to make sure you find the location. A fee of CHF 10.-- will be charged.

The talk is given by Roman Bossart, who runs Bossart Analytics ( and Functional Software .NET ( It targets .NET developers who use mostly other languages (C#, VB.NET, ...) but want to know how, from a practical point of view, F# can help them be more productive (and have more fun along the way).

Please note that the presentation will be held in German:

F# Einstieg für .NET Entwickler

• Was ist zu installieren, um F# anzuwenden.

• Was man wissen muss für einen effizienten Einstieg ohne Stolpersteine.

• Praktische Grundlagen der Funktionalen Programmierung (FP) mit F#.

• Die mächtigsten Features, die F# bietet (die C#/VB nicht haben).

• Tipps & Tricks, um FP mit F# zu lernen.

See you soon.