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What we’re about

We Are Leaving Soon - Come With Us!

Hey you awesome liberty people,

Short and sweet -- we've been on for a long time and they've become absurdly expensive for what they provide us ($300 / year!). They also frequently use our money to promote things that are antithetical to our principles... Not to mention being poorly managed in general. So -- we are moving to a Telegram group!

Please join the telegram group here and do your RSVP'ing to the events posted there:

If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions on any of this drop me an email at:



Hey all, welcome to Voluntaryists of Dallas Ft Worth.
We host meetups for like-minded individuals that are friendly, frequent and fun so as best to create an environment where people can build long-term friendships and help create just a little slice of the voluntary world we all want to live in.
Voluntaryism is the belief that no one should initiate force on any other person.
The Voluntaryists of Dallas Ft Worth group is made up of people who like to get together and discuss Voluntaryism. This can be politically, socially, personally, whatever. Our goal is to build a strong community of Voluntaryists in DFW.
Never heard of Voluntaryism? Curious? Awesome! Wanna debate till you turn some shade of purple? Sweet! Wanna just hang out for no particular reason? Cool!
We cover a wide range of topics, from Market Anarchy to Peaceful Parenting. From Entrepreneurship to Personal Freedom. It's pretty much just an open discussion so come on by!
See you at our next meetup!

Facebook Group:
Voluntaryists of Austin is the Meetup group that inspired the creation of this one. Look them up if you're ever in the area!