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What we’re about

Greetings from the largest and most active Voluntaryist meetup in the world!
NOTE: We do both online and in-person events. Most of our in-person attendees come from mediums other than meetup, so don't let the "number of attendees" fool you. For in-person events in private spaces (our homes), we do usually requiring a quick vetting process. See individual events for more info on that.


This meetup is a space for Voluntaryists in the Austin area, or anyone that wants to learn more to connect in person! We meet at cafes, restaurants, bowling alleys, comedy shows, karaoke venues, etc.

We value your privacy! And... we ask that members please RSVP for events so that others can see the enthusiasm of our community and so we can PLAN SEATING, etc. It's not required but it is appreciated! In case you didn't think of this: You CAN obtain for free an anonymous email address to associate with your meetup account. I like protonmail :-)

So what is Voluntaryism? Voluntaryism is a philosophy based on the simple idea of wanting all human relationships to be voluntary, and that force is neither an acceptable nor consistent way to solve problems. This applies no matter how shiny your badge, how official your title, or how starched your uniform. We are under the small-L libertarian umbrella.

As simple as it seems, this idea is pretty radical. There are elaborate and subtle ways that people can use force to manipulate and control others, and it pervades just about every aspect of our lives. This can be taxing (pun intended). What's worse, trying to talk about this stuff with others can be volatile, and can leave you intellectually and emotionally drained.

Fortunately, the Internet is here to help us find each other! So come out from behind the keyboard to meet other open minded people, and let's build a community of support and friendship! Like an oasis to a thirsty, solitary wanderer, this meetup is here to foster a community and provide a space for openness, curiosity, and voluntary exchange of ideas.

If you are new to this, that is okay! Curiosity and healthy debate are always welcome. We want to grow from interacting with opposing ideologies. We are here to learn from each other, connect, and grow in our understanding of what it is to be free!

We especially welcome anyone who identifies as libertarian, constitutionalist agorist, socialist, communist, or attack helicopter. We value healthy debate!.

Please check here before coming because we swap locations often.

Our sister group meets on Saturdays.

See you at our next meetup!