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Voluntary mondays are our regular weekly voluntaryist meetup in Austin. There's no structure here, just good atmosphere, delicious beverages and the best company you could ask for! A wise man once said 'Be the change you wish to see in the world'. This meetup community can be your first step to that change. Come join others who want to live in cooperation, negotiation, and peaceful coexistence. Together, we can create the voluntary world that all of us want! Whether these ideas are old-hat to you, or you are just finding the word 'voluntaryist' for the first time and want to learn more, come on out and meet us! And thanks for taking the time to check out our meetup! Lost? Running late? Unable to find us? Generally distressed? Can't make it by seven? Don't worry! We typically hang out there for a few hours at least. Just text one of the organizers to see if things are still happening! Jeff -[masked]

Thunderbird Coffee

1401 Koenig Ln. · Austin, TX

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Greetings from the largest and most active Voluntaryist meetup in the world!

This meetup is a space for voluntaryists in the Austin area, or anyone that wants to learn more to connect in person!

So what is Voluntaryism? Voluntaryism is an ethical philosophy based on the simple idea that all human relationships should be voluntary, and that force is neither an acceptable nor consistent way to solve problems. This applies no matter how shiny your badge, how official your title, or how powdered your wig.

As simple as it seems, this idea is pretty radical. There are some elaborate and subtle ways that people can use force to manipulate and control others, and it pervades just about every aspect of our lives. This can be very taxing (pun totally intended). What's worse, trying to talk about this stuff with others can be volatile, and can leave you intellectually and emotionally drained.

Fortunately, the internet is here to help us find each other! So come out from behind the keyboard to meet other open minded people, and let's build a community of support, friendship and connection! Like an oasis to a thirsty, solitary wanderer, this meetup is here to foster an in-person, interpersonal community, and provide a space for openness, curiosity and a voluntary exchange of ideas.

If you are new to all of this, that is great too! Curiosity and healthy debate are always welcome, as long as you leave any toxic hostility at home. We are not here to tear each other down, but rather to learn from each other, connect, and grow in our understanding of what it is to be free!

See you at our next meetup!

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