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Keep the social in social distancing.

Itโ€™s easy to keep connected with others during online events. Online events are virtual, accessible, entertaining, and a great way to make new friends. Meetup has online events on topics like gaming, music, technology, networking, wellness, or whatever youโ€™re looking for!

Image of a Meetup Online Event

With Wi-Fi, anything is possible

Learn new skills like meditation, cooking, or financial planning at a virtual course. No matter what your passion is, weโ€™ll help you find an online event to match it!

Make the most of Meetup

There are so many reasons to attend an online event. Join the 50 million+ people using Meetup to enrich their lives.

Connect with people

Whether youโ€™re looking to make professional contacts, find a trivia team, or join a film club, Meetup makes it easy to meet people. Join a group and get connected. Itโ€™s that easy.

Learn new skills

Learn a new language, like Java or Japanese! There are Meetup groups for online conversations, classes, webinars, and more, happening every hour of the day. Enrich yourselfโ€”RSVP today.

Have a little me-time

How do you practice self-care? Weโ€™ve got groups to help you meditate, practice yoga, read novels, and other activities that will help you unwind. Make time for yourself. You deserve it.