Keep Connected Podcast

Keep Connected is a podcast about the power of community hosted by David Siegel, CEO of Meetup.

Episode 45: Deepening Connections By Walking With Jonathon Stalls

In this episode, Meetup organizer, Jonathon Stalls shares how walking transformed his life both physically and spiritually.

Episode 44: Intentional Talking & Radical Listening

Guest Ken Tucker explains how to be a better friend, coworker, and partner by harnessing the power of conversation.

Episode 43: Using the Agile Approach at Work

Expert marketer John Cass explains the basics of Agile methodology and why they are useful for any industry. Improve your efficiency at work and beyond.

Episode 42 | Trust: The Crucial Community Ingredient with Seth Besmertnik

Two CEOs sit down to discuss creating strong corporate cultures, putting people first, and motivating teams. Learn why trust is essential for community in business and in life.

Episode 41: An Introverted Bookworm Builds Community

Hear from a Meetup organizer with a simple but brilliant concept for her book club: hosting fun adventures based on the books that her group reads.

Episode 40: A Simple Idea for a Complex Metaverse

Daniel Liebeskind joins the Keep Connected podcast to talk about bringing Burning Man online, the metaverse, and the power of IRL connections.

Episode 39: How To Handle Stress

Dr. G and David sit down to discuss why change of all sizes is so hard for people to cope with. Learn how your brain responds to new situations.

Episode 38: The Human Impact of Serving Pets

Rachel Herman, founder of PAWS, joins Keep Connected to talk about how assisting with pet care can be a lifeline for elderly New Yorkers.