Keep Connected Podcast

Keep Connected is a podcast about the power of community hosted by David Siegel, CEO of Meetup.

Episode 28: Excelling Socially as an Introvert

Daniel Findlay used to struggle with social anxiety and a lack of confidence: now he teaches social skills to CEOs. Hear about his transformation on Meetup’s Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 27: Forming Friendships in Lonely Times

Steven Petrow, Washington Post columnist and author of Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old, joins the Keep Connected podcast to discuss community building at any age.

Episode 26: A Framework for Lasting Connections

Author Susan McPherson is making waves in the world by helping people connect and amplify their impact. Hear her advice for making connections that last.

Episode 25: How to See Yourself as a Leader

Carrie Melissa Jones is an author and the leader of a community for other community leaders. Hear her advice on hosting meaningful events and finding the people who will help you thrive.

Episode 24: The Joy of Connecting People

Learn how Meetup organizer Cherie Werner practices deep listening skills to connect her group members with like-minded people. Discover what listening to others can teach you about yourself.

Episode 23: Redefining Parenthood With Matt Schneider

With his Meetup group, Matt Schneider is helping parents and guardians find a childcare arrangement that works for their families—regardless of society’s expectations. Learn how to make parenting an equitable partnership in this episode of Meetup’s Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 22: The Global Friendship Movement

What can you do when your friend group becomes toxic? If you’re Marissa Meizz, it’s simple: launch a massive friendship movement. Hear Marissa’s advice for meeting new friends and ending unhealthy relationships.

Episode 21: Finding Happiness, Beating Loneliness

Learn Harvard positive psychology instructor Tal Ben-Shahar’s advice for living a happier, healthier life on this episode of the Keep Connected podcast.