Meetup Live

The one-stop spot for recordings and recaps of Meetup Live events, hosted by Meetup HQ!

Recording: Unleash Your Creative Genius

Many professionals think creativity is an inherited gift: you either have it or you don’t. In this recording, we’re debunking myths about innovation.

Recording: Spring 2022 Product Roadmap

Watch this Meetup Live recording for recent releases and plans for the second half of the year from Meetup’s Product team.

Recording: The Sweet Science of Beekeeping

Get the buzz on everything involved with beekeeping.

Recording | Good Vibrations: Live Sound Bath

Watch this recording for sonic strategies for getting in the zone, feeling at ease, and unlocking your happiness. 

Recording | Meetup 101: Announcing the Meetup for Organizers App

In this all-access live demonstration with Customer Support professionals, you’ll hear about the variety of tools the new Meetup for Organizers app has to support your growing community. We’re here to help you thrive.

Recording: The Cycles and Structures of Black Parenting

Hear about the historical background of Black family structures, how these structures have evolved, and first-hand accounts of where they are headed.

Recording: Change Management for Uncertain Times

Watch this Meetup Live recording to take stock of any new challenges you’re experiencing—or are about to face—and learn some strategies for managing stress while your life is in flux.

Recording: Financial Literacy and Smart Spending

To celebrate Financial Literacy Month, Bola Sokunbi, founder of Clever Girl Finance, joined Meetup Live to teach the basics of minimizing debt, saving, retirement planning, and more.