Meetup Live

The one-stop spot for recordings and recaps of Meetup Live events, hosted by Meetup HQ!

Recording | Moving with Joy: Laughter Yoga Demo

Enjoy a series of exercises designed to get you moving, breathing, and laughing.

Recording | Beyond Salary: Negotiating Your Next Tech Offer

Learn how to research salary trends and make the case to your future employer to get the compensation you deserve.

Recording: March 2023 Meetup Community Building Office Hours

Discover the essentials you need to know about managing your group, hosting events, and making the most of Meetup’s features. 

Recording | Monetizing Meetup: Fundraising with Pledge

Learn how organizers have been using Meetup’s Fundraising tool to receive voluntary donations from group members.

Recording: The Influence of Black Culture on Fashion

Take a journey through the timeline of modern fashion and hear about the impact Black visionaries have had on fashion today.

Recording: Networking in Tech

Learn how to shine among strangers and make contacts that will benefit you for years to come.

Recording | Meetup 101: Building a Strong Community Culture

Get answers to the most common questions about fostering healthy membership relations.

Recording: 2023 Planning with CEO David Siegel

Hear all about what Meetup accomplished in 2022 and what’s to come in 2023.