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Starting a Meetup group is easy. Once you have an idea for your group, we'll help you create it. Meetup shares your group with local members who are most likely to join, based on common interests.
There are several ways that you can share costs, or even make a profit as an organizer. On Meetup you can choose to charge your members dues, or you can ticket each event.
Meetup provides the tools and resources you need to build a great community. We’ll announce your group to people in your area who share your interests, and continuously help new members find your group and your events. Once you schedule events, Meetup manages your attendee lists and reminders.
It varies depending on your goals. On Meetup, you decide how often your group meets. You can even recruit others to help you host events and share responsibilities as the organizer. The most important thing is to keep in contact with your group regularly so that you can keep your members engaged and excited about your next event.