Get to Know the Meetup Organizer Community

Meetup has a nifty way for organizers to get advice, support, and encouragement. Join the Organizer Community on Discord!

Being a Meetup organizer is a unique experience. So much thought and care go into creating Meetup communities: it’s something that only another organizer truly understands. To meet the needs of our global organizers, Meetup has an online hub for organizers to connect! The Meetup Organizer Community on Discord is a dedicated space for organizers to chat with other organizers, gather feedback, get support, ask questions, and find others who know what it’s like to build and grow successful Meetup communities.

What is the Meetup Organizer Community on Discord? 

The Meetup Organizer Community on Discord is a space designed for organizers. It’s a casual, efficient way to get support from both the Meetup Community Support Team and each other. Have a question? Need advice? Spot a bug? You can drop a note in the Discord community to get in touch with someone quickly. 

Group organizers have been asking for a way to connect with each other, and the Discord community is a way to do just that. Now with more than 4,000 participants, the Discord community is a great place for organizers around the world to chat, ask questions, and get to know each other asynchronously. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to promote your group on social media or want to share about a recent successful meet and greet event, this online Discord community is the place to go. It’s also a great tool for connecting with the Meetup team—see the inside scoop on new features, give feedback, and get support if you need it. 

How does it work? 

When you join the Discord server, expect a warm welcome and an invitation to introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. From there, post any questions or discussion topics related to organizing on Meetup in either #organizer-discussions or get in touch with one of our experienced mentors who are ready to help you succeed. If you’re looking for help from Meetup’s Community Support Team, check out the #support channel where members of our team will chime in to make sure you get the help you need. The #announcement channel is where members of Meetup’s team post about upcoming product releases, Meetup Live events, UX testing invitations, and more.

Organizer mentors

This Discord community opens up an opportunity for organizers to support other organizers in a new way. Organizer mentors, community builders with years of experience leading groups on Meetup, are there to share their knowledge, offer advice, and encourage other organizers to become the best community builders they can be. Aside from the joy of helping others succeed, organizer mentors get perks like early access to new features, VIP support, discounts, and exclusive Meetup swag. 

Events and more on Discord

At its heart, the Meetup organizer Community on Discord is a channel for communication. Conversations between organizers lead to a mutual feeling of support and camaraderie. It also provides an opportunity to learn from other organizers’ experience managing communities on Meetup. In several channels within the community, seasoned organizers will host Ask Me Anything (AMA)-style events in which fellow organizers can seek advice and hear best practices. 

Another significant advantage of the Discord community is the open communication between organizers and Meetup team members. After high-profile feature rollouts, members of Meetup’s Engineering and Product teams will host events exclusively for organizers on Discord, sharing insights into what led to the new feature and how it was designed. They also seek feedback from organizers in attendance about how Meetup could improve the new feature in future updates.

What organizers are saying

If you have a question or an issue related to Meetup or creating communities, there’s a good chance an organizer in the community has experienced something similar!

Nina B.

I was humbled and honored when Meetup asked me to serve as an O2O (organizer to organizer) mentor. Helping new Meetup organizers face the day-to-day challenges of leading is rewarding because it reminds me of when I first started putting together communities.

Ceil D.

I find the Discord community very user-friendly and a great way to virtually meet and support Meetup organizers around the world.

Joy S.

The Meetup Discord channel has been a wonderful asset to me as an organizer. It’s a direct line of communication with the Meetup team. We can share our feedback with the platform and get timely support with issues.

Audrey H.

We’re thankful for each organizer who joins the mentor program, and for each organizer who joins the Discord community! Coming together in this way helps everyone to become better group and event organizers and to feel more connected and supported along the way.
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Last modified on September 22, 2023