Recording: New Features to Unlock Community Potential

Learn how new features make it to Meetup based on organizer feedback in this Meetup Live recording.

new features to unlock community potential

Watch this Meetup Live community update, where you’ll get an inside look at the recent platform enhancements for Meetup organizers. Learn about the new event feedback overview experience, hybrid events, advanced ticketing features, and more. Gwyn Krueger, VP of Customer Experience, and Nicole Anderson, Senior Product Manager, will explain how the features work and how they are designed to make community building easier than ever.

Main Takeaways on New Features

Your insights play a crucial role in shaping the future of Meetup, and we appreciate your commitment to making the platform even better. Thanks to your feedback we have developed new features that we will discuss in this community update. 

  1. Post-event Feedback Overview Page

Access a comprehensive summary of your event star ratings. This page displays the average rating of all your past events, highlights positive feedback, showcases previous ratings, and facilitates communication with attendees. We’ve enhanced filtering and sorting options for a more user-friendly experience.

  1. Hybrid Events

This Meetup Pro feature allows organizers to host events with both in-person and online components. Attendees can choose their preferred mode, and a special hybrid label ensures visibility across both formats. With individual attendance limits and dual pricing options, you can reach a broader audience. Members have the flexibility to switch their RSVP type as needed.

  1. PayPal Integration

Using our PayPal integration, organizers can seamlessly integrate the ticketing system with PayPal at no additional cost. Collect payments in advance to reduce no-shows and simplify financial reconciliation. Issue refunds directly within the Meetup platform. PayPal accounts are not required for your members, and Venmo is also available for U.S. customers. 

  1. Advanced Ticketing Features 

Responding to organizer needs, Meetup now supports more ticketing options than ever including Promo Codes, Early Bird Pricing, and a detailed Money summary page. Learn more here


Is it possible to offer ticket prices on a sliding scale? For example, say you want to offer a low wage price, a normal wage price, and pay-it-forward ticket price? 

Organizers can use our Promo Codes to set multiple tiers with different discount percentages. 

Would we be able to use PayPal for donations to the organizers?

We have Pledge for fundraising, a tool that is only for U.S.-based organizers, but we are actively looking to build something that would globally act as a fundraiser feature for all Meetup organizers. Nicole shared a possible workaround, which is to create a placeholder ticketed event solely for the purpose of fundraising, with a clearly stated fundraising purpose so as not to confuse your members. 


Feedback is integral to the continual evolution of Meetup’s feature set. We highly value your input, and we’ve made it easy for you to share your thoughts through our dedicated Google Form (please note that this form is not intended for reporting bugs or defects; kindly submit a ticket for those issues). 

Last modified on November 27, 2023