Recording: Breathe Fresh Air Into Your Goals

Hear from experts at AllTrails on the benefits of getting more outdoor time this year.

Breathe fresh air into your goals

Start 2024 on the right foot with more time outdoors. In this Meetup Live event, we are teaming up with experts from the hiking and outdoor recreation app AllTrails to discuss the positive impacts time outside can have on your mental and physical health, just in time for the new year.

Watch AllTrails’ Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller, and AllTrails brand ambassadors, Kameron and Chevon of Black People Outside, for a discussion about the benefits of getting outside and in nature, even if it’s just five minutes a day. Get inspiration for how you can set (and accomplish) your New Year’s resolutions in nature, whether abroad or in your own backyard. Learn about efforts to make outdoor recreation more inclusive and accessible. As the most trusted outdoor platform in the world, AllTrails is there for every adventure, including events hosted on Meetup!

Main Takeaways

  • Research indicates that spending just five minutes in nature three to four times a day has profound effects on mental and physical well-being. It not only boosts the immune system but also, in some cases, reduces the need for medication.
  • The positive impacts of nature aren’t limited to strenuous activities like hiking. Engaging in more calming practices such as forest bathing, finding a sit spot, or simply spending time in a local park can significantly contribute to stress management while reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Initiatives like Black People Outside play a crucial role in promoting nature engagement, particularly within the Black community at higher risk of health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Explore nature effortlessly with apps like AllTrails, which provide essential information on nearby trails, including difficulty levels, length, suitability, and more!


Last modified on February 7, 2024