Organizing Basics

6 Ways to Re-energize Your Meetup Group

Rekindle community and invigorate your group with these tips!

Get to Know the Meetup Organizer Community

Meetup has a nifty way for organizers to get advice, support, and encouragement. Join the Organizer Community on Discord!

Recording | Meetup 101: A Winning Event Playbook

Learn the basics of how to plan and host successful events.

Recording: April 2023 Meetup Community Building Office Hours

Learn the essentials of managing your group, hosting events, and making the most out of Meetup’s features.

Event Chat: Meetup’s Latest Communication Innovation

A true game-changer, Event Chat will help you stay connected between events with life-like conversations in real time.

New to Meetup: the Event Check-In Feature for Organizers

Organizers, one of your top-requested feature requests for the Meetup platform is here. Attendance taking with Event Check-In on the Meetup for Organizers app is a game-changer.

Recording | Meetup 101: Your Guide to Meetup Notifications

Learn the ins and outs of how Meetup notifications work and use that knowledge to engage your community.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Events

Virtual events are powerful tools for connecting communities. Follow these guidelines for an engaging online event that’s safe for your participants.